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  • 347 weeks
    I tried

    I really did, I just want you guys to know that. Something I've learned in recent years though; just because you try your best, doesn't mean that you'll succeed. I'm sorry, I really am. I wanted to finish the story but I couldn't. Maybe one day I'll be able to do it, maybe. But until then, I Would Smile if I Could is officially cancelled. It's a sad day, and I would smile if I could. But I can't,

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  • 351 weeks
    My Smiling Muscles Hurt

    Let's start off with some good news: In the past month, I actually managed to write some stuff for the story! Yay me!

    Bad news: It can't yet be called an update, and I probs won't finish it before midnight tonight.

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  • 358 weeks
    I Would Maybe Smile if I Could, Possibly?

    Guess who's back after a serious bout with depression? This guy. Guess who's giving himself til the end of February to finish his most popular story ever? Also this guy. If I can't make the deadline, officially March 1st 12:01am, I will officially cancel the story. Here's hoping that that won't happen.

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  • 441 weeks

    Hello dear peoples, Haku here. So... how y'all been?

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  • 445 weeks
    1 Week is all I Need, Maybe

    Howdy y'all. So as many of you have noticed, it''s been roughly 3 months since my last update on IWSiIC, and I did say I would have the next update around here. I wasn't joking when I said "See you all in 3 months."

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More Delays · 7:00pm Jan 12th, 2013

Ok, now I know I promised to have the next chapter out within 2 weeks, which was about 2 weeks ago now. And I know, y'all probably dislike me for making you all wait for so long. I dislike me too right now for what I'm about to say/type.

The next chapter for "I Would Smile if I Could" will be delayed for a bit longer. Not much longer, I promise. Due to some recent events this past week, I have just been unable to work on this as much as I wanted. So again, I am sorry. Just give me a few more days. That's all I need to pull off something, ok?


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Comments ( 17 )

As a professional procrastinator myself, I understand.:twilightsmile:

704127 You're a pro? Geez, I wish I could be a professional too, but I just keep putting it off.

704139 It's a vicious cycle, one that will consume your life and distance you from friends. It's like drugs but not as enjoyable.

My hat weeps for you... It says

704322 I say to your hat, "Stop crying Hat. You are a hate and you are not capable of emotion."

<---- *Is Sad Now* why would you insult my hat ;~;

704332 It's not an insult. It is the truth, and sadly the truth hurts. If it's any compensation, I'm sorry for being honest.

704338 Alright but still why MORE delays? I mean you said
'I'll have the chapter out by the end of the week' In one, then 'Give it two more weeks and it'll be out', then suddenly, TWO MORE WEEKS... why....

704354 One, that picture is hilarious. Two, School. That is all.

704359 Yeah... schools a bitch...

SCREW SCHOOL!!!!:flutterrage:
Who needs learning anyways!?
I don't need to learn about stupid stuff like math, science, and important stuff about life.
School can suck it!:flutterrage:

704478 If it weren't for school you wouldn't know how to read or write, type on computer.... Or anything else for that matter... School is a Bitch, but the Bitch doesn't blow... I wish it did though...

I know...:pinkiesmile:
I just wrote that down because sometimes I hate going to school:twilightsmile:

704553 You, and about everyone else...

I mostly dislike school because there are some haters that hate mlp there and think it is stupid being a brony.:ajbemused:
that and homework:ajbemused:
But I do need to go to school so that I can't be homeless dude on the street asking for money.
(I think I offended all homeless every where:twilightoops:)

704567 One, No you didn't. Some homeless are pretty cool. Second, Haters gonna Hate

One: Thank god I don't get to be attacked by angry homeless people!:pinkiehappy:
Two: eeyup:eeyup: haters are gonna hate:moustache:

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