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Promises · 4:50am Jun 10th, 2013

Hello dear peoples, Haku here. So... how y'all been?

Ok, lets just get to it. I am sorry for not posting a new chapter after my 3 month promise. I'm not really sure what happened, but obviously some shit went down that made me lose track of several key aspects of my life, writing being one of them. For the past 3 months, writing/finishing/editing the next chapter of "I Would Smile if I Could" has always been in my mind, but I just never seemed to get a chance to do it/I just seemed to forgot to do so. I am sorry for the long wait, I'm pretty sure I've lost more than a couple followers due to my not-updating-ness. I've accepted the fact that it is my fault, I made a promise to you all, and I was not able to keep it... which seems REALLY crappy when I realize it was just writing 5000+ chapter for a story that a lot of people loved.

I found a video of one of my favorite youtubers, Jimmy Wong, apologizing to his followers for his broken promises:

While it is not myself who is in the video, I feel that almost everything Jimmy is explaining in the video reflects my own being. I know it doesn't mean much at this point, but I am sorry. Dreadfully and regretfully, I am sorry.

I now have an entire Summer to get something out and I do hope that I manage not to disappoint you all again.

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Comments ( 7 )

It's alright, sometimes things happen. Good luck with the chapter and hope to see it soon.

And then, suddenly, an apropos musical number!

You could always write shorter chapters, if that made it easier for you.

1135536 Yeah, um, no. I don't feel like I've accomplished anything unless I get AT LEAST 4000 words done per chapter. So nyeh. Also, nice song Azore.

I feel your pain bro

1545058 This blog is over 24 weeks old why are you just now responding to it?

1545826 Because I'm lonely ;_;

1547799 Well that makes two of us

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