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  • 126 weeks
    Surprising No One

    I'm peacing out. I'm not gonna delete my stories because I know some peeps might care about them still.
    I went through a lot of stuff over these years and writing some of this weird stuff helped me through it (somehow) so I don't regret it, even if it was weird af.

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  • 260 weeks
    Anywhere But Here's New Home

    Wow it's dusty in here.
    So, gals and pals, my partner and friend, Stonershy, nuked their fimfic account, as is their right to do.
    So over the next little bit, I'm going to, with their expressed permission, be putting Anywhere But Here on my account.

    So I guess stay tuned for that?

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  • 375 weeks

    So I'm going through and editing a couple things here and there in a few stories. I'll let you know the specifics once I'm done.
    After that, who knows, maybe some new content!

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  • 485 weeks
    I posted a thing again. A FoE thing. Surprise.

    So a while back I wrote a thing where a pony kissed another pony on the no-no while she was thinking about zombies and people seemed to like it, so now it's here too!

    Enjoy! Again!

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Just a General Message of Sorry-ness · 6:08am Jan 5th, 2013

To anyone who follows any of my stories and wanted an update or to anyone I said I'd write something for or having something done by a certain time:

Sorry. My bad.

I actually have some pretty friggin bad depression and I've been trying to work up the nerve to contact a therapist and I got turned down by the only specialist I could find in my area. So that sucks~!

And I try to be as perfectionist as I can with the crap stories I write so nothing I ever write looks anywhere near good enough so I'll struggle for weeks on certain parts until a night comes where I just smash my stupid fingers against the keyboard and then let my editors tell me what to fix.

Trying to use writing as my free time eater, but it's a bit hard to make that make more sense in my brain over "constantly refreshing forums so I can talk to someone". But I'm working on it!

I really want to rework chapter 1 of Duel before I move on to chapter 2. Chapter 4 of Odds is in progress, but I need to go back and rework several things. And I have a ton of older shit that I want to rework before I post it (including my original mess, Junior Speedsters Forever), but just please have a little bit more patience.

Hopefully, I won't let everyone down more.

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Dam man im not going to lie that sucks, what you need to do is not care what anyone thinks and call up a good therapist don't tell them what's wrong over the phone, tell them that you need to come in and let some things off your chest and you will pay them for the opertunity, then tell them your problems and ask them how you can feel better its worked for many of my friends. :raritywink:

Comment posted by iloveportalz0r deleted Jan 5th, 2013

Take all the time you need. I'm patient. :pinkiesmile:

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