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Being a Better Writer: Acceptable Anachronisms · 6:02pm February 12th

Welcome back, writers! To both of us!

Now, I apologize in advance if those post was a little late. I’m still easing my way back into my workload, and let the writing of this post slide a little as a result. But with that easing, I do have good news: I am feeling better. Each day that goes by I’ve felt a bit more like myself, and while I’m not back at a hundred-percent yet, I’m certainly feeling better than I was even a week ago.

Good. Especially as I have Life, The Universe, and Everything this week. Which, unlike normal, will likely not be receiving a daily write-up this year. It’s just going to be a casualty, I feel, of my recovery process. Getting those nightly writeups done each year is possible, certainly, but it is a little taxing, and I think this year I’m going to just take it easy.

Though if you’re curious about what’s going on and where I’m at, I’ll be live-posting in the Makalay Camp Discord channel during the event, so you can always follow the raw, live thoughts there.

With that said and the news taken care of, let’s get down to this week’s writing topic, shall we? Acceptable Anachronisms might seem like an odd topic, but it’s come up enough in the course of writing discussions that I ended up putting it on Topic List #23.

“But why?” some of you may already be asking. “Why talk about it at all? Isn’t any anachronism unacceptable?”

And well … yes … but also no. Which is why I wanted to talk about this today. Turns out that it’s just a little more complicated than that. And the why has to do with audience.

So hit that jump, and let’s talk about anachronisms.

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I wanted to say that I’m incredibly impressed with the dedication that you have for writing these Being A Better Writer Workshop/Writing Tip articles. A lot of your advice has been incredibly helpful.

You really convey advice and information in a way that I feel like I can really understand the difference between Showing and Telling, or how to get deep with characters, character motivations, their purpose in a narrative, etc, etc.

Not to self promote, but as someone who’s trying to dip his toes back into writing, I really appreciate being able to come to your Better Writer series and use it as kind of like Guidelines on how to weave a narrative. So, thank you for that.

All the best.

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