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So, Ponyville Ciderfest is happening right now..... · 12:02am Nov 19th, 2023

Everyone who read "Cozy Glow is Real" knows what this means.

It feels weird, thinking of it that the convention I wrote about in "Cozy Glow is Real", a story about a brony called John who has to discover that he isn't real, but a mere figment of Cozy Glow's imagination, is happening now. Surreal..... Like something has jumped out of the story and entered this plane of existence.
What if the entirety of humanity and Earth were not real and would only exist in Cozy Glow's mind? If Cozy Glow, while she is trapped in her stone prison, dreams it all up because her imagination is her only source of entertainment?
It would mean that Ponyville Ciderfest is not real. And neither the story I wrote. Though, I did write a story about Cozy Glow imagining the entire Planet Earth, all of John's world, so if it were like that, would that mean I somehow know? That I am the only one who feels that something is not right, the only one who can feel Cozy Glow's mind matrix, and that I subconsciously wrote the story because of that?
And what would Cozy Glow think? Would she be happy with her creation? What about all the wars humanity is waging and all the issues of human society, like rascism, would Cozy Glow be okay with that? Would she have even come up with all that, because this little filly has a penchant for drama and because all of this makes it more exciting and entertaining for her? Or would all of this only exist because Cozy Glow lost control over her imagination, because humanity gained sentience like John gained sentience and started to do its own thing? Is all of humanity's misery the product of a filly who desperately tries to cure her boredom or a case of the creation breaking free from its master?
And if the latter were true, how long would Cozy Glow watch? For how long could she bear to watch all this before she ends it and starts over with something new? And would she give humanity another chance or decide this species was a totally lost cause?
What would you do if you learned that you are only a part of Cozy Glow's imagination?

I feel trippy now. But this thought I had since yesterday clawed itself to the surface and needed to get out.

Stay not where it lurks, lock the door, turn off the light.

~ Flutterscare

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