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Discord (App), WTF?? · 1:32am Nov 18th, 2023

I was asking their Clyde bot how to add him to my personal server, and the next thing I know, I'm banned until 15:21 tomorrow. WTF? I didn't violate any Community Guidelines, I didn't violate the ToS, wtf??? Why tf would it do that?? Omfg...

EDIT: After looking at my email, it turns out I apparently was automating a user account? All I did was ask the same question TWICE. TWICE. WTAF. Fucking hell, I hate Clyde, he can go fuck himself. That damn bot has no fucking limits.

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That brings to mind some old anti-spam rules back from the days when I used to extensively test out Minecraft servers, even smaller ones. "You cannot send the same message twice!" and "You're typing too fast!" are communiques forever engraved in my memory, lol.

And yes, "violating" that could very well result in a temporary ban there as well.

Clyde is godawful a lot of the big Discord bots are actually

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