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Day 235 in the Dark Equestria · 7:58pm September 7th

My tooth pain is better now, still pending an actual treatment, but the pain is away now thanks to antibiotics, so "The Sky is Gone" can continue! I am making this short, cause I just had to mop the floor in five rooms of the apartment (don't you love it when you have a roommate who doesn't do anything to clean?) and I'm pretty tired after that, so there is no fancy presentation in this blog entry, but the messages of today have started releasing where you always find them.
I am gonna take some rest now. And, remember, if you want to read all of Silverstream's new messages ten days earlier, check out my Patreon account and join the 1$ reward tier called "Faster through the Eternal Darkness"!

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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