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Out of context editing quotes · 11:26am Sep 6th, 2023

I like leaving random chatlogs in the comments of everything Posh posts to annoy him, but this one was a little too long for me to put anywhere, so have it as a blogpost instead.

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
Posh, I need you.
But also in other ways.

Posh – 01/16/2018
what must I do?

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
I need you to remind me of something I've forgotten.
Scroll down to where I am.
There's a comment here.
"Helsing eats cocks."
I know it's one of our stupid in-jokes.
But I think it was also meant to be a reminder of something else I needed to change.
What was it?
I think maybe it was some explanation or line of dialogue or narration I came up with to in some way explain the timing of the wound healing?
For the life of me, I can't remember what we actually said in that conversation.

Posh – 01/16/2018
What's the line it's attached to?

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
Those lines highlighted in yellow next to the comments?

Posh – 01/16/2018
Yes, but I'm having trouble hunting down that specific line.
with that specific comment.

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
Just click on my user icon in the top right corner and it'll jump to me.

Posh – 01/16/2018
ah, found it
...you know, I can't recall either.
Maybe we've discovered evidence of a parallel universe intersecting with our own.

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
tIME is CoNVOLUted
I came across this because I was listing out of context editing quotes to another friend.
You had a lot of good ones.

Posh – 01/16/2018
Of course I do.
Ninety percent of my comments are just shitposts.

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
"fUCK this is from sTAR WARs"

"Note: Add more cum."

"Don't be a bitch, Sacred."

"Has this term come up before now? To Dio?
If not, you could say "make you my bitch," and that'd be good too."

"What 14 year old's poetry journal did you steal THAT line from?"

"Dude, what the fuck, honestly. I was on Helsing's side up until now; that's just twisting the knife to be a dick."

"The doctors use his blood for litmus tests now."

"Not nearly edgy enough. How about something like Shadow Fire, or Blood Blade? Or Edgelord McEdgelord?"


"Start with seducing Helsing via hornjob and work your way forward from there."

"I can't read "Celestia" and "rear" without my mind going someplace awful.
Fuck you, John Joscoe."

"How often does Helsing meet with Dr. Therapyhorse?"

"And Helsing is the edgy vampire-hunter equivalent of a rich suburban kid with nothing better to do than backpack across Europe."

"Who knew that Helsing's real special talent was stating the fucking obvious?"

"did dialogue tags rape your teddy bear as a child, or something?"

"Also, fuck you, I'm reading his lines in Skull Face's voice."

"Dude, wow. I've never thought about this before, but having a dick vanish instantly while it's inside your vagina must be the weirdest fucking feeling."

"You are raping my eyes right now, Jidya."

"This is completely irrelevant, but my spellcheck wants me to correct this word to "statute."
I'm tempted to, just to fuck with you."

"'Helsing, stop raping that corpse through the hole in his throat and help me bury these bodies.'
'But it's what my cutie mark is telling meeeeee~'"

"Dude, he cavorts around in a cape and recites religious poetry as he murders creatures of the night. Melodrama's in the blood."

"Everything. You're doing everything wrong. All at once. It's very embarrassing. I'd be embarrassed, were I you."

Posh – 01/16/2018
I just spent two minutes laughing at myself
the ones on PGS are probably good too.

DannyJ – 01/16/2018
List my all-time hits from PGS comments.
Since I so nicely did it for you.

Posh – 01/16/2018
sure, but I gotta get up to do that
gimme a sec

DannyJ – 01/16/2018

Posh – 01/16/2018
"You may fucking love adjectives, but they don't love you back. Cut down a few here."

"'I'm going to try and fuck it,' said Twilight."
which was a line that you added to the story


"Haha! Rape is funny."

"excus me but did u just assume this drone's gender?"

"This is like Lavender Unicorn Syndrome for geographic elements."


"You forgot his darksign."

also my own
"When you turn into a golem you trade your cutie mark for a Kaathie mark."


"Still needs resolving, not just WOLBACHIA."

"Why would ponies build a stage to be too tall for any of them to reasonably climb? That's like if we had a stage as high as a wall. This is dumb, Posh. You're dumb."



"Plot twist: they are. PW feeds their army entirely on cherries."

"Oh my God, there really WASN'T a plan, was there?"

"Snake confirmed for tired old man and/or shit taste in movies. I bet he likes Transformers."

"'Scrombled' verbatim would be better."

"You know, I don't think it's true what you said about Snake never voting or caring about politics. I think he's a single-issue voter. He votes for whoever has the best anti-METUL GEER policy. Also fuck your long sentences."

"Wait, is she implying that their uncle died in an explosion and that she personally had to pick up his body parts? If so, that's hilarious, but also not something I'd expect Granny Smith to make light of."

"If she's saying it quickly?
Then where??
Is the time??????
For her to pause mid-sentence???????
And split it up like this???????????????????

"I choose to believe that it was an actual pony literally named Johnny Law who was responsible for illegalising moonshine."

"Don't break your arm jerking yourself off there, Posh."

"Snake ain't so solid anymore.
Because he's going soft."


"'I fucking love commas. They make my dick hard.'
--Posh, 2017"

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"'I fucking love commas. They make my dick hard.'
--Posh, 2017"

I disavow everything written here except for this.

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