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    And a finger curled in on the monkey’s paw.

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    Your lucky numbers are 4, 7, 10, 13, 50, 82

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Dance of the Skywise · 10:38pm May 23rd

I'm fortunate enough both financially and geographically that I was able to make a quick trip to New York City on Sunday to see KHAN!!! the Musical! It was a truly delightful experience, and if anyone reading this has seen Wrath of Khan and can make it to Greenwich Village in the next two weeks, they'll probably have a fantastic time themselves.

I can promise the following:
• Vulcan tap-dancing
• Mutant space chickens
• Threats to delete the audience
• A song entitled "Spock's Brain," which doesn't do what you might think
• References to everything from Picard's flute to Hamilton to the Console Wars
• And much more!

And on the theme of musical theater, and to give this blog some tangential connection to pony, here's the fabled "actually good" version of the Crusader's talent show song.

Comments ( 2 )

When you mentioned 'Skywise,' my first thought was of the old Elfquest manga by Wendy and Richard Pini.

Yeah...yeah...I'm old. Shut up.

Georg #2 · May 24th · · ·

5730162 I bought most of that series when it first came out and still have it boxed in my basement, so no shame there.

(Khan is my favorite Star Trek movie)

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