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New Contest: Furry Foray Festival! · 4:43pm Jan 2nd, 2023

The Furry Foray Festival is now open!

$500+ In Total Prizes!

$200 1st Place Prize! Up to $600 With Multipliers!

$25 Prize for New Clopfic Writers!

30+ Fun Prizes to Win!

Win BIG With Prize Multiplier Bonuses!

The prompt is to write a (3000 to 15000 word) crossover clopfic featuring one of these five furry babes:

Submission deadline is April 2nd.

See the contest group here for all the important details!

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*squints judgmentally*
I dont see Renamon.

Eh, never much got into Digimon myself.
But yeah ... of course this isn't a comprehensive list of all the iconic furry babes out there! ^.^

Rain makes sense in this context, even though she's not the most common choice to lewd like those other ones.

Anyway, can't wait for the results! :ajsmug:

I can't wait to see who's going to win the prize for the first story submitted! ^.^

Personally I hope to see a project on Rain, because she's great. Plus I remember an anthro one-shot on here with her where a human or anthro OC had sex with Rain during a rainstorm. Anyone remember?

Wow... I know 3 out of 5. Shame I only like one of them.

"Dammit, Loona! I said Baltimore not this place!" A pause. "Why the Fuck are there so many animals here!?"

And here I'd been worried that Rain would be the least popular of the five...
Never heard of that story, lol... Would be interesting if you could find a link to it.

Well, I guess I know which one of them you're writing!

What can I say? I'm a demon of culture :pinkiecrazy:

Unfortunately I can't remember the title, not even sure if it's still on the site now. I just remember a few details.

And here I'd been worried that Rain would be the least popular of the five...

Outside of MLP, she probably is. Being an equine means that she stole Renamon's spot.

I'd make that trade any day! ^.^


And here I'd been worried that Rain would be the least popular of the five...

If these lots are real horse fuckers and not furry imposters, Rain would easily take the top spot.

Ah, but if you want horsefucking, you could always ponify any of the other four! ^.^
(Hell, Krystal already has a cutie mark, even! I think she'd be a unicorn, since in Star Fox canon, she has telepathic powers.)

I think you should clarify that in the contest information. I was under the impression that they needed to be kept the same since, you know, furry.

Well, it is there in the description, actually:
But to be fair, it's in small text hidden in a big paragraph.
Maybe I'll mention that more prominently when I send out a reminder in early Feb.

Oh, ok. I didn't see the group description there. I only saw this post and the one in the Dirty Little Contest group. And to be fair, nobody pay attention to group description anyway.


nobody pay attention to group description anyway.

I might need to rethink how I run contests!

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