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What? Dirty Little Secret Is Evolving! (3D Art Coming!) · 2:30am February 14th

That's right -- I'm branching out! My evil twin just spawned a new, even eviler twin!

Dirty Little Secret has evolved into Banana Sugar!

I'll now be making spicy 3D anthro pony art under the name Banana Sugar! ^.^ Starting with just still images so far, but I'm hard at work prepping my models for animation (gotta perfect those jiggle physics!)

Don't worry, though. At least for now, I'm going to keep doing my writing as Dirty Little Secret as well.

You can find Banana Sugar's art on:
And you can support Banana Sugar on:
(Supporters get posts early, get extra versions and extra angles, will be able to vote on what I do next, and can even get access to the source files.)

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Comments ( 7 )

Oh no! Cadance has fallen for the banana phone curse!

.... You know what, sure, why not. I'll bite and see where this goes.

Everytime I click a link my phones privacy security system goes off saying "suspicious phishing"

Idk if that's on my end or not.

... I have been sanitized against my will. Bleh.

All will fall eventually!

Just click the derpibooru logo in those links, and it will take you to where the link is going.
(Have to do this because Fimfic doesn't allow links to sites with NSFW images.)

Huh... That might be on your end ... but maybe it also means there's something wrong with the link site I set up...

Thank you! ^.^

So why the link warning me it’s not endorsed by you?

Because other people can use that link sanitizer as well.

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