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Huevember Week 3 · 2:15pm Nov 20th, 2022

Week three!

Huevember 14
She developed into full avatarhood when she got all of the Doctor’s memories put into her head.

Huevember 15
Widdershins Arcana - The Chariot - Vee

Huevember 16a
It was a bit of a tossup. The major qualifiers that led me to this pairing are 12’s temporary blindness in s10 as well as everything about Listen. More than that, though, there’s something about the way he worries about whether he’s a good person (metaphorically, his ‘inner darkness’) and the way he and Clara keep secrets from one another that led me to this association.

Bonus sketchpage: Stranger!Clara (Multiple copies of the same person scattered through time and space) and Vast!Bill (After the space-puddle-girlfriending)

Huevember 16b
MBMBAM Arcana - The Magician / Wizard of the Cloud
I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with this style. It looks alright, I’m just not sure it conveys the feeling I want. Anyway, wizard.

Huevember 17
He’s got a big personality on him, that’s for sure, and it’s not difficult to envision that scarf stretching into infinity if he wanted it to. Mind you, that does mean he would’ve Survived the all from Jodrell Bank…

Bonus: Lonely!Romana I and Hunt!Leela

Huevember 18a
Widdershins Arcana - The High Priestess - Jack O'Malley, the City Witch

Huevember 19a
Honestly, does this one even need an explanation? I love Seven a lot, but he is a manipulative little chess git.

Bonus sketchpage - Flesh!Mel and Desolation!Ace

Huevember 19b
Widdershins Arcana
The Hierophant - Benjamin Thackerey

Huevember 20a
I think it’s fairly characteristic of all the modern Doctors to be a little reticent about themselves, but it felt like a major plot point fo 13 to hide her true nature away, even from herself. Also, fun little detail that you might not notice unless you look for it – check her earring.

Bonus sketchpage - Eye!Yaz (I considered Hunt, but Eye feels much more accurate) and Buried!Dan (Nobody needs soup more than him)

Huevember 20b
Princess Luna, but she’s a leather-clad butch lesbian


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I quite like the "Classic D&D module" look on 16b. I'm unfamiliar with the source material, so I can't say with certainty if it conveys what you're going for, but hey, it definitely works on cards.

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