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Huevember Week 1 · 6:07pm Nov 6th, 2022

Once again, I return with more art month stuff!

Creeptober 31 - Regrets
4 Discs / MAG 162 - A Cosy Cabin
“There, within the thing that pretends to be a cabin, is the one you love. You hold each other, whisper words of reassurance, but the place knows this comfort to be a lie, and laces upon it instead the awful fear of losing what you have.
Of it being stripped away by the chaos that waits for you beyond the walls.
Hold each other, it croons. Be happy. But know always that this happiness is a lie, built on the squirming bones of those whose suffering you have caused.
It will not let you feel the warmth and joy that this love may claim to gift. It is only a moldy treasure to be clung to. Something to fear the loss of as you hold it so tight that it withers and warps.”

Huevember 1a - Spiral!Six
Part of a series assigning Fear Entities to the Doctors. Six is the Spiral in large part because he's one of the most unstable and Byronic incarnations (at least onscreen; in the extended universe, he's an absolute mother hen and I adore him). At the beginning of his run, his perception was warped by a recent regeneration; at the end, it was warped by an evil potential future. Also, that coat.

Bonus sketchpage - Peri is a Corruption avatar based on overgrowth and plants. Iris Wildthyme is the Distortion, and we will get into that later on.

Huevember 1b
TARDIS Tarot 10 Swords / Adric of Alzarius
“Now I’ll never know if I was right.”

Huevember 2
Widdershins Tarot Sun / Heinrich Wolfe

Huevember 3a - Corruption!Five
The Fifth Doctor's era was characterized by love and loss; Nyssa's loss of her homeworld, Tegan's loss of trust, Adric and Kamelion's loss of life, and so on. It had the largest TARDIS teams with a heavy familial focus, and those bonds were ripped asunder time and time and time again, each time healing out of alignment to increase the team's dependence on one another. Also, the Doctor is actively wearing a plant throughout, which in terms of Gallifreyan sensibilities is not that many steps below being filled with bees.

Bonus sketchpage - Nyssa attained avatarhood after the destruction of her utopian world by the Master. Turlough did it by agreeing to work for the Black Guardian to assassinate the Doctor.

Huevember 3b - Subwoolfer

Huevember 4
8 Wands / Ace McShane
“You have to move faster than that if you want to keep up with me. Faster than light. We’re hardly moving yet. Hardly cruising speed. Sometimes I travel so fast I don’t exist any more.”

Huevember 5a
Desolation!Ten, so chosen because this guy has burnt so many bridges, starting with Harriet Jones and working from there. ‘Curse of the Time Lords’ indeed.

Bonus sketchpage - Martha Jones, made into an Extinction avatar via the Year that Never Was!

Huevember 5b
Barbara Wright as Yetaxa, from the First Doctor episode The Aztecs

Huevember 6a
Three is the Buried mainly because of the themes of being exiled and trapped during his era, but probably only properly Became during the Silurian incident. He hated it, refused to inflict his suffering onto others, and eventually became trapped below the earth himself – until dear, wonderful Jo, desperate for a way to rescue him, gave herself over to the Spiral to pull him out.

Bonus sketchpage - pre-Distortion Jo/Iris and Sarah Jane Smith as the Eye (because investigative journalism)

Huevember 6b
Princess Celestia, but she’s a punk butch lesbian in an aviator jacket

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Also, the Doctor is actively wearing a plant throughout, which in terms of Gallifreyan sensibilities is not that many steps below being filled with bees.

I love this sentence on a number of levels, and I love the gallery for being mostly various horrific interpretations of Doctorania, and then ending on cool anthro Celestia as though to say "These guys bothering you?"

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