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Fearless optimist Celestia sets off on an epic journey -- teaming up with rugged, yet charming mountain man Sombra and his loyal friend, Ursa Minor -- to find her sister Luna whose midnight powers have trapped the kingdom of Canterlot in eternal darkness. Encountering gloomy conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious bat named Star Swirl, Celestia and Sombra battle the night in a race to save the kingdom.

Based off the plot of Frozen. Art isn't mine.

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It's senior year, and Applejack got more than she bargained for. With the recent death of her parents, and the declining health of her grandmother, Applejack finds herself in a position of caretaker of the house alongside her brother. But that's not all. Her friends all have problems of their own, and as the most dependable person, she's the one they go to for help. Not to mention that she's one of the star athletes in her team, so she has to help carry them to champions. All while making it to graduation, which is stressful enough for any young student.

And then there's the problem of romance. Nearly all of her friends have hooked up with someone, and she almost feels pressured to find someone of her own. But she doesn't have time for romance if she wanted to, and she doesn't. That is until one person starts creeping into her thoughts, adding yet another thing to her already full plate.

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