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It's senior year, and Applejack got more than she bargained for. With the recent death of her parents, and the declining health of her grandmother, Applejack finds herself in a position of caretaker of the house alongside her brother. But that's not all. Her friends all have problems of their own, and as the most dependable person, she's the one they go to for help. Not to mention that she's one of the star athletes in her team, so she has to help carry them to champions. All while making it to graduation, which is stressful enough for any young student.

And then there's the problem of romance. Nearly all of her friends have hooked up with someone, and she almost feels pressured to find someone of her own. But she doesn't have time for romance if she wanted to, and she doesn't. That is until one person starts creeping into her thoughts, adding yet another thing to her already full plate.

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Comments ( 22 )

Interesting read, dood. But there are a few things that I caught that made me double check out of confusion:

making the orchard all pretty smelling.

All pretty smelling, dood? I'm... 50% sure AJ has better grammar than this, dood.

but Big Mac wasn't about to let me. He's such a good brother. Still is.

Another 50 to 70% sure that this could be one sentence, dood.

I was such a small mite,

Just because the idea that AJ referred to herself as a 'mite' confused me, dood... and that's just me being weird.

I'm sure there are a WHOLE lot of reasons why this was done this way and... I'm going to go 'okay, your story' so do what you do, dood.

I'm going to keep reading this because it is kinda/sorta interesting...and that my TwiJack radar is going off around it, dood... might be the character tags, dood.

An interesting mash-up between Equestria Girls and the regular series... I like the focus on AJ as the practical one dealing with all of her friend's problems. She is the most dependable of... High school girls, I suppose?

So is Dash pregnant or what?

I have no idea what's going on, but i'll follow this anyway.

yay for a new chapter! even if a lot didn't happen, it's still nice to see this story continued.

I forgot about this story. I'll have to do some rereading to catch up properly. Enjoyed the Rarity and AJ interaction in this chapter.:twilightsmile:

Ohh, I wasn't expecting Subset to appear so soon :D but it's good. I was silently hoping that AJ will seriously hurt her. But probably I just have to wait. Considering how provocative Sunset is, there'll be other occasions, this time without Pinkie to stop Applejack...

Sunset Shimmer needs a rainbow to the head here too, it seems. AJ's fists are a reasonable substitute, but I doubt they carry quite as much Harmony.

Nice to see this one continuing again!

man, i'd have let AJ smack the bitch around a bit. and if anyone tried to get her in trouble for it, her and pinkie could have claimed that it was sunset who instigated the who thing.

Sweet chapter :) It's nice that Applejack writers letters to her parents, as if it's some kind of teraphy for her.

I enjoyed the chapter, but I think you were a little heavy on Applejacks rough language. Other then that, nice backstory chapter.

I liked this chapter more then most of the others. They weren't bad or anything, this one just seemed better.

Ver good chapter. I really love the interactions between AJ and Rainbow, can't wait for more!

Nice to see things looking up for Dash, although now I'm more worried for AJ and Twilight...

Poor AJ... This is going to be rough.

Oh shit.

Oh, I really hope that you'll update it soon!

Had this for ages in my 'Read It Later'. Now that I read, I really want it to continue.

Wait, are they human or anthro? The term Applebucking is confusing here. It makes sense in pony and I guess anthroish since bucking is kicking the apples off. With humans (or anthro that walk on two legs and have hands) it'd just be apple picking right?

That's not true, Applejack..
Your voice is lovely and wonderful!

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