• Published 12th Sep 2013
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Canterlot Wondercolts - risingdusk

Applejack juggles school, work, and family problems, while also helping her friends' relationship problems and falling in love without realising it.

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Chapter 7

The crowds threatened to crush Applejack to bits as every student rushed to leave the school. The topic buzzing in every conversation was the weekend, and the plans for it. This year the teachers were brutal, giving all of their students homework in the first week in an effort to prepare student's for the next level, though Applejack was convinced it was to raise the school's rating. Either way, it left Applejack rather unhappy as she tried to plan what her weekend would look like with the new assignments and having to help make cider for the season.
"Hi, A.J!"
Applejack blinked and looked over to see Pinkie Pie bouncing happily beside her. Her eyes sparkled along with her smile that beamed brightly. Pinkie Pie had this way of walking without managing to bump into every student in the corridor, a luck which was not given to Applejack as she performed crazy dance maneuvers to avoid others. "Howdy, Pinkie. Ready for the weekend?"
"Am I ever!" Pinkie exclaimed, adding an extra hop to her bounce. "School is great and everything, but there's so much work involved which isn't very fun at all. It's so much more fun to hang out with friends, don't you think? Well, you work a lot, but you make your work fun but I think that's because you like working on the farm. But you agree that school work isn't all that fun, and Rarity said the same thing and it got me thinking. Besides Twilight, who's weird anyways, who does like school work?"
"Don't reckon a lot do, Pinkie," Applejack replied, turning into a less crowded corridor. Though it was a further walk, Applejack preferred to park her truck near the stadium, far away from the congestion. That way she could leave for the farm a lot earlier than fighting the downtown traffic. It also made it a lot more convenient on practice days.
Pinkie Pie continued alongside her, and Applejack wondered if she was going to follow her to the truck. Not that she minded, since she didn't really have anything else for the evening. No one could really tell with Pinkie Pie though, since she marched to the beat of her own drum. "Exactly!" Pinkie said, carrying on with her previous tangent. "Nobody really likes school work, we just all do it because if we don't graduate we can't really get anywhere. And it made me think. It's a system isn't it? I bet the government is planning to turn us all into mindless zombies so that we just keep doing what they want us to do. It's all part of a bigger plan."
"Have you been watching them conspiracy shows 'gain, Pinkie?" Applejack replied with a chuckle.
"I don't have to! Clearly they are trying to brainwash into thinking that the government will protect us as long as we go to school and learn the things they teach us, and go to college for the things they want us to do. Don't you think it's a little strange that if I want to be a painter or musician I don't get rewarded like a lawyer or a doctor? Why do doctors even charge for taking care of people anyways? Isn't that just the weirdest thing that doctors would charge a super duper lot just to make sure you're alive?"
"Reckon they gotta make a living somehow."
"But why so much? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense for doctors to make it affordable for everyone? I mean, I think it's silly that they charge so much money that people die because they can't afford it. If I was a doctor, I wouldn't charge anything because there's nothing sadder than watching my patients die over something I could have stopped. I think doctors are too powerful also. I bet that doctors and politicians work together to keep the population under control. And lawyers are in on it too. Never trust a lawer."
"You have definitely been watching too many conspiracy shows," Applejack laughed, nearing the end of the corridor. Pinkie Pie babbled on, but Applejack's attention shifted to a tall girl with bright red hair and an angry scowl over her aqua eyes.
"Hey, Sunset Shimmer," Pinkie Pie called out enthusiastically. "I like the gold highlights in your hair. Is that your new look for senior year? Gee, everybody seems to be making themselves super special for senior year!"
"Don't you have somebody else to annoy?" Sunset Shimmer said, her cutting voice having little effect on Pinkie Pie's bubbly personality. "What are you losers doing here?"
"We ain't wanting trouble," Applejack warned, narrowing her eyes and bracing herself. "Just tryin' to get by."
"This is the quickest way to the stadium, silly," Pinkie Pie chimed in. "I mean have you seen the hallways? They are super duper crowded."
Sunset Shimmer snorted, putting a cigarette to her mouth and lighting it. Smoking wasn't allowed in school, but no one dared say anything to her, so she often got away with it. It annoyed Applejack, and she had half a mind to report it to her mother, but didn't want the drama so early in the school year. "Heard that Rainbow Dash quit the team."
"Then y'all heard wrong," Applejack shot back, feeling her temper beginning to rise already.
"Got kicked out of her house too."
"That ain't none of your business."
Sunset Shimmer laughed, and flicked the ash in Applejack's direction. Though her fists tensed up, she didn't make a strike. That would be a very bad start to the year. From one glance at her balled up hands, Sunset Shimmer must have noticed, since she smirked. "It's everyone's business now, Applejack. She's the talk of the school. Everyone knows that her parents made her hit the road because she's a dyke--"
It was only through Pinkie Pie's quick reflexes, or intuitive thinking, that Applejack's fist didn't connect with Sunset Shimmer's face. Glaring in Sunset Shimmer's direction, Applejack struggled against Pinkie Pie's surprisingly strong grip, before finally shouting, "You take that back, ya hear? Take it back!"
Again Sunset Shimmer laughed, before throwing what's left of her cigarette at Applejack. Turning to walk away, she tossed a smug look over her shoulder and said, "Sorry, sunshine, the truth hurts, doesn't it? It's okay, I'm pretty sure your friend could make some money at a strip club or something. Guys just love to see a lesbian in action..."
Once again Pinkie Pie had to hold Applejack back, but there was nothing that could stop the stream of curses. "Why you dirty, no good, pig-shit eating cur! Y'all better get on outta here 'fore I kick your sorry ass all the way down to Canterlot. I ain't afraid of your filthy, rat-piss smellin' self!"
"Such language," Sunset Shimmer replied with a tut. "Guess that's to be expected from a redneck like yourself. Go back to the farm where you belong, cowgirl. You're not wanted here."
Applejack pulled at Pinkie Pie's restraint as Sunset Shimmer sauntered off. "Lemme go, Pinkie, I need to teach that bitch a lesson!"
"Just ignore her, AJ," Pinkie Pie insisted, struggling to keep her back. "Sunset Shimmer is just a meanie head. I bet she likes to kick puppies for fun."
The comment seemed to have stopped Applejack's rage, if only for the sheer absurdity of it. "Yeah, well, I sure as hay won't mind kiking her fun."
"You know what I'd like to do for fun?"
Applejack stopped her struggle and waited for her friend to continue. Seeing as Applejack was no longer fighting, Pinkie Pie finally let her go and stepped in front of the other, smiling once again. "Have a party! Come on, what's better than a We-Survived-the-First-Week-of-School party? I still have some booze from the last party, and I just got paid so we can stop by the store and get some more. What do you say, AJ?"
"How in tarnation are you gonna gather everyone for a party on short notice, Pinkie?"
Placing her hands on her hips, Pinkie Pie rolled her eyes and said, "That's what group messages are for, duh. Come on, silly, we've got a party to throw! First we have to stop at Country Jack's and then we'll swing by Sugarcube Corner and get some snack, because you can't have a party without snacks, and then we'll..."
Applejack allowed Pinkie Pie to drag her off, but Sunset Shimmer's words haunted her. She couldn't help thinking that this was going to be a very rough year for Rainbow Dash, and from the looks of it, all of her friends.

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