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Communication has always been a weakness of mine. I don’t say what I feel, or I don’t say what I mean, or how I mean it, or when. Words are tough, unreliable things. But lately, I’ve been storing them up. There’s something I want to say, but I haven’t figured out how to say it yet. Words build inside me like living things, making homes in the parts of me I try not to think about. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about everything I remember about you. The big moments, the good and the bad. And the little moments. The tiny parts of you that stuck to me, parts you probably don’t even think about. The small, insignificant things that make you a part of me. I wonder if I’m stuck in you that way.

I hope, one day, I’ll find the words for what I want to say. I hope that when I say it, I say it right this time.

My entry to Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings

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Sunset Shimmer and Rarity have been going out for a while now. Their relationship isn't perfect, but nothing ever is. Lately though, things have been strained. Tonight, Sunset just wants to have a fun night out with her friends, and to ignore her relationship troubles. But ignoring her troubles is really her problem to begin with.

This story was created for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest: Journeys

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Picking up seven years after the events of "The Friendship Games," Sunset Shimmer is fed up with Equestrian magic, and content to live a normal, though human, life as a private detective. For her, there are no more Elements, no more spells, and certainly no more evils hell bent on world domination. All she wants is a bottle of whiskey, a desk to sit behind, and enough cases to last her a lifetime. Unfortunately, magic has a way of appearing where it's least expected, or wanted. And in her new world, magic is deadly.
A series of magically charged killings leaves the police baffled, and Sunset is reluctantly dragged onto the case when an old lover comes knocking on her door. In order to fight a new enemy, she'll have to deal with old friends and older grudges, and dredge up a past she was certain she'd locked away forever. Throw in government agents, ties to a black market underground, and an inquisitive fashion journalist, and Sunset has never been more in need of a stiff drink, or farther from getting one.
Sucked into a world of new and deadly magic, unsure who she can trust, Sunset Shimmer chases her quarry down a path of ever increasing questions. Who is this mysterious killer? How did they bring magic to this world, and why? And what does the number eleven have to do with it all?

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