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Happy New Year! · 12:25am Jan 1st, 2014

Happy new year, everybody! I hope you all suceeded in what you did 2013 and that you will also suceed in everything you do in 2014!
Thank you for your ongoing support and help! Have something to chill out from this eventful year!

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News and a Question · 9:39pm Dec 11th, 2013

Alright, time for some news. As some of you know I've been struggling a bit with my health lately, and I still am... but at least it's not a tumor (endoscopy through the mouth proved this... but let me be very clear, doing this without the anasthetic is absolute torture... so take my advice, don't). Turns out I have an inflamed upper stomach, most likely caused by stress. This won't be a problem much longer, since I have terminated my contract for the beginning of the new year. And while this

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Christmas Time · 1:39am Dec 3rd, 2013

What a jolly season... gotta put a hat on my avatar, only problem is they're already wearing one... maybe I'll make a new one, or I'll just find a way to do it.
Have a jolly season.
Regards, Gnoll.

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The janitor rebooted · 10:31pm Nov 24th, 2013

Alright. Some of you may know that I once worked on the story of the janitor. Now, at the time being it was an experimental concept I was working with; I liked how it started out, but somewhere along the way I felt it went in the wrong direction. For this reason, there will be a major reboot of the story. The basic concept will stay the same, though I wish to make him more of an eery, silent and neutral character. So the first part will basically remain unchanged, but some parts of the story

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Coming back · 3:51pm Nov 15th, 2013

As some of you may have noticed, I'm slowly getting back to writing... which is good, since I've been stuck in bed for the last week o0
Anyway, some of you asked for this, so here's a quick pencil and pen sketch for you (please don't comment on how bad it looks, it's only a five minute sketch...) I'll probably get around to doing it more decently now that I have the basic sketch and some time on my hands.

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I'm sick · 1:32am Nov 6th, 2013

Down with the flu... lack of updates incoming :(
Hope to get better soon.
See you around,

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Has it really been one year already? · 9:48pm Nov 2nd, 2013

On the 5th, I'll have been around for a whole year... damn, that's certainly something I never expected to happen.

I remember that after reading a lot of fanfiction I thought to myself: "I could probably do that too..." though I never thought my stories would find the resonance they did. Now, a year later... I actually have 600 followers? Dayum. When did this happen? Now all I need is a fan club or fan fics on my fan fics :D... Though I may want to get myself a proofreader/editor first ^^

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Back in business · 8:57pm Oct 9th, 2013

New pc finally arrived, so... I'm back! :D
Once I've set up everything running I'll get straight back to writing. Hopefully I'll be able to punch out a few updates over the next few days... maybe I'll even finally get started on Behind the Scenes...
Anyway, here's a small thank you for enduring the lack of updates ^^

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Dayum! · 12:06pm Oct 8th, 2013

First off, a BIG thank you to everyone... over 500 followers... just, wow. I never thought it would turn out like this. Big thank you for all those who've been supporting me, it really means a lot (and I still read all of your crazy comments with delight ;) ).

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One more year to count... · 4:21am Sep 21st, 2013

For those wondering about the lack of updates this week; Big sorry, not only have I been overrun by work this week, but some fool gave me a copy of Dark Souls... and I've been playing it nonstop... but now I've got it finished, so I have time again ^^

Planned updates are: The Watcher, Souls Apart, Educating Equestria and the Flying Axe... maybe even Behind the Scenes... Hope I can get it all done in one day.

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