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The Changeling Hive is rigid, its ranks and rules unbending. There is one law that stands above all others; the Hive speaks with one voice.

But two changelings dare to speak with their own voices. They dare to defy the Hive in the most incredible way possible.

They crave freedom. Whatever comes next, live or die, they will do it as free changelings.

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A strange creature wakes up in the middle of a strange land. In a thousand other worlds something similar has happened to a thousand other characters. There's just one problem; he's not from Earth. And he's not entirely human.

His home is a primative land ravaged by war, a far cry from the peaceful realm of Equestria. How will he react to a world full of sapient ponies? More importantly, how will they react to him?

Because, if it will take him, Equestria might just be the fresh start he's been looking for.

Takes place between Seasons 2 and 3.

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