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Let it be known that I've no idea what I'm doing anymore. Hey, actually, while I'm at it, I do have a little bit of an idea- writing stories. Is that what I'm doing here ?


Hello again! · 8:02pm Nov 25th, 2014

I'm back! That's right, the pony is here! In the house! . . . Yea, that's literally all I've got for this post.
Oh, also, I'm working on a story. That's always good, right ?

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  • TShadonic Pain
    It's not that I wanted to do it, nor that I meant to, but what happens as a result of trying to help everyone only ends up hurting everyone- let it be known, for this lesson, if repeated, may lead to critical disaster in our world.
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this is for you :derpytongue2:

I am from your mind. I am here to stalk you.
MORTAL! :flutterrage:

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Thank You All!

Just a reminder to anyone who bothers to take their time to read my stories, I really, really, really, really thank you for doing that. Remember, every time someone reads a story and provides a positive or helpful comment, the writer becomes either better or more productive!
(Or both, if you're lucky! :> )