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Let it be known that I've no idea what I'm doing anymore. Hey, actually, while I'm at it, I do have a little bit of an idea- writing stories. Is that what I'm doing here ?


Is it really my fault?

I find it hard to believe, that, when one thing goes wrong, whether I was able to fix it, or not, it's my fault.
But, sure, you go on and blame me.

It's not like I've got feelings.
It's not like I matter.
It's not like I've got more capabilities than you.

*Categories will vary depending on the content as it becomes available to readers.*

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Prepare for a review.


You're always saying that to everything!

5313715 Yes... Because a bad story, deserves a review...

You can TASTE the cheese in this story, and it's not good cheese. Heck, it's not even decent cheese. It's that "processed cheese food" made from synthetic milk that McDonald's puts on their cheeseburgers. :pinkiesick:
I'd point out why, but I'm sure Miss Silver Spoon will do a wonderful job when she decides to do so.

Hurry the hell up then, i love reading about how bad something is!

I'm sorry, but a story about a foal who helped an alicorn to her power? That is already driving me away. Also, a bunch of un-needed commas are lurking everywhere!

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