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6 Stars! Did I count those right? · 4:55pm May 9th, 2012

I just had to share it! Sword, Hammer, Stallion has been gifted with a 6 star rating on Equestria Daily! This is my first 6 star ever! I'm so happy I could bounce and strut around! In fact I think I will!

I'm so exciiited! I just can't hiiide it! Oh yeah! Look at me and my bad self!

I didn't even know it happened until I just randomly went on and checked, wondering if maybe I got a new comment... and I did! AND SIX STARS!

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That Feeling... · 2:15am May 7th, 2012

That feeling you get when you're in the middle of reading an incredible bit of fiction and don't even care that it was about brightly colored talking ponies?

That feeling you get when you finish and realize that the story is over and an hour's vanished like someone who left the room when you weren't looking?

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Hello! · 7:10am May 4th, 2012

Well, looks like this will be my first blog post.

I tried to write one before, but I left it sitting, came back to find my computer had been turned off.

Now I have absolutely no idea what to say.


I'm sorry Metro has taken almost two months to update. Who knew a couple of write offs would freak me out so much!

And um.

I love all of my readers. And I think writing is awesome.

So... yeah.

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