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Have you been here, before? You look familiar.

It's not uncommon to hear something like this in a small town like Bramley. Every day is always the same: the farms are tended with exquisite care, the few small shops sell their wares, the adult ponies watch over the homestead, and the youngsters get into mischief.

This is the story of two ponies who are not natives of Bramley. They are not natives of Out-World, the barren wastes where Bramley and a few scarce farming communities lie, nor are they natives of In-World, the glimmering utopia where the unicorns live out their sheltered, cozy lives.

This is the story of the Strangers.

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Life can be a rough gig, and life in Ponyville is no exception. Between pestering Parasprite plagues, dreadful Diamond Dog droves, and colorful Crusader craziness, Twilight Sparkle could tell you that moving to a new town can be quite a hassle. This… is not her story.

Instead, meet Reason. He is not a bearer of one of the Elements of Harmony. He is not a cadet-warrior-pegasus-in-training. He is not a wandering unicorn vagabond living in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic Equestria (that would be silly). No, Reason is a regular earth pony with regular earth pony problems trying to carve out a life for himself and his sister in the not-so-regular town of Ponyville.

Set during the events of Season One, Reason must navigate the perils of a normal pony’s life in a town that is less than normal, juggling romance and duty, and ultimately discovering for himself whether friendship truly is magic... Or, you know, not.

After all, in a place like Ponyville, anything is possible.

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