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Sometimes in the fog she finds things.  Rarely can she ever find them again.  But there’s one thing that she keeps finding her way back to, and it scares the life out of her.

Content warning: Fog, amnesia, self-loathing

(I was listening to Silent Hill music I'm sorry)

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The doctors didn’t mince their words:  Applebloom would never be able to walk again.  Devastating news, to be sure, but it was her own fault.  Now her roommate, though…  Nothing about her situation was her fault.  It’s important that she understands that.

Content Warning: attempted suicide (overdose), dysphoria, ableism, transphobia, dismemberment mentions, gore (implicit).

Set in the same universe as Testi d'Amore, but neither is required reading for the other.

Black Lives Matter. Always have and they always will. Trans children matter too, and they deserve nothing less than love and support.

Art by me.

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In the time since Sunset stumbled through the portal, a lot has changed. People (and ponies) aren't who they themselves thought they were. The trials of the self are always harrowing, but when you have friends and lovers to lean on, no ordeal is too great an undertaking.

CW: Self-harm (chapter 2; added as a tag because of its highly sensitive nature), dysphoria (chapter 3); will add more as needed and requested.

All grammatical errors in Chapter 2 are intentional, and all spelling errors are Rainbow Dash's fault.

Art by me!

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