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Hello! Part-time brony, full-time nerd. Usually go by Mino. Have a nice day!


Light and Shadow: The Darkness Scale of Fanfiction · 3:18pm Apr 6th, 2021

Hello! I apologize for my period of relative inactivity, but real life intervened. In any case, today I want to talk about fanfiction and the differences in tone that occur between the source material and the derivative work. MLP: FiM will provide our examples today.

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I'm No Irving Berlin, But... · 6:53pm Jan 3rd, 2021

Hello again! Welcome to 2021, and may all its days be filled with sunshine. I know that last year was The Worst Year, but hopefully we, as a world, can move on and heal. Moving on to lighter topics, I have a lyric rewrite for "This Day Aria," which is totally unnecessary and which I can neither defend nor justify.

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What to Expect · 6:00pm Dec 1st, 2020

Hello again! Today, I'm posting mainly to set up some expectations concerning my blogging on FimFiction.

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It's All About Me! (This Blog Post, I Mean) · 7:10am Nov 8th, 2020

So, this is my first blog post! I'm writing this mostly because I want to get some of my thoughts on MLP out there, and don't want to just spam comments with irrelevant stuff that only I want to talk about. In any case, welcome!

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