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It's been a few months since Twilight and her friends stopped the Storm King. With this new dawn, Tempest Shadow, going by her real name Fizzlepop Berrytwist, decides to take her chances to live a normal life in Ponyville. She explains how things came to be, and how her journey of redemption unfolded.

Disclaimer: The sex tag is because of brief but non-descriptive mentions of sex and heat, a bit of mild seduction, and mentions of Tempest's impregnation in the first chapter. There are also very mild curse words throughout the story so be warned. Also, be prepared for reformed and preggy Tempest being an optimistic cutie.

Big shout out to my friend Moorsheadfalling for helping edit my fics. Especially this one. You the man, man :raritywink:

Also, art by Bluebender. Please go check his art out! Be warned if you do though! His art can range from suggestive to lewd!

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Pinkie falls prey to a terrible, ancient illness. While Twilight wishes to believe her new cure will work, her family and friends try to cope with the inevitable.

Warning: This fic contains dark themes, cursing, and many, many feels.

Chapters (1)
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