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Twilight and Applejack have just discovered their feelings for each other, and all is well until their budding romance is interrupted by an urgent missive from Princess Celestia. Now, Twilight finds herself at a crossroads. Will she leave Ponyville and achieve all that she once desired, or will she decide that she has all she needs on an apple farm in Ponyville?

Meanwhile, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are faced with their own choices. Are they just friends, or could they be something more?

This is the sequel to Three's A Crowd. Reading that story isn't required, but it'll give you some additional background.

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Twilight Sparkle has the best friends a pony could ask for, and her stay in Ponyville has allowed her to spend plenty of time with all of them. But when one of her friends begins to see her as more than just a companion, will she be able notice the hints? Or will she break her admirer's heart and pit friend against friend without even realizing it?

If you like this story, check out its sequel: Two Paths.

Chapters (13)
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