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New to the writing scene, practicing the art making the reader feel (pain) @Necromancer#5070 on discord.

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Thanks for the watch!

While admittedly most of my interest was in the WWB story, but after a bit of thought I now think that proofreading the other one will help me get more familiar with your writing style so I’ll give it a shot. But you mentioned that your OC in it, is from a non-pony story. Therefore there is no guarantee that I’ll be familiar with the universe that the OC an OC of. Also I assume your non-pony story is on another site, any chance I could get a link to that?

On a completely different note I couldn’t find that many quality Starlight-Trixie ship fics. So it looks like your fic is in dire need of being created.

No pressure.

Give me a bit to get my docs uploaded to Google Docs and I'll absolutely let you pre-read. I am also juggling another Non-WWB fic if you are interested in pre-reading. The latter is not exactly a shipping or Slice of Life, but it has more girth and is less rough thus far.

Came here after seeing your comment on the WWB group.
Well actually I’ve been here several times recently (but not recently enough it seems as your post was months ago) to see if you were going to continue with the idea you proposed in what is still the only comment on the group’s main page.
I assume that you’ve now got Krickis’ blessing to proceed and also assume that as you have 0 stories so far posted here that you have yet to find a pre-reader.
So can pre-read?
I have also written 0 stories at the moment for this site but am working on two.
You may be thinking right now that even though this random bronie has an absolutely splendid profile picture there is no way of knowing if they are qualified to pre-read.
And to that hypothetical pondering I would say that I correct spelling, gramma and even tell Krickis that the sun does in fact move in our solar system; in the WWB series via comments in the comment section once the chapters are posted (not a pre-reader for Krickis).

However I must admit that I’ve never even read any Starlight-Trixie shipping stories and seeing how that may hinder progress would you be kind enough to point out one or two of the better once (I like long fics but I guess one shots are fine if they get the characters right have some purpose besides ‘aren’t you happy these two are together’, and are longish)

Best luck in both your fics regardless of your decision.

So... In the works right now is a story for the Non-Canon folder of Who We Become featuring a Starlight-Trixie ship. Plus I'm working on a story which can't decide on being a Slice Of Life or an Action piece with an OC from my non-pony story. I'm on Discord every so often in Down The Rabbit Hell as @Necromancer#5070

If there are any artists out there or people willing to pre-read, my inbox is always open.

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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