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I'm back! and I am OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS · 11:27am April 30th

hello all :)

just want to update ya'll that I am open for commissions again
Though I'm only open for lineart, solid color, and cell shaded commissions atm. If you want a rendered/painted style commission, sorry to say I can't commit to them at the moment
so if you want art for your fic or some personal art, feel free to message me!

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My Kamvas just arrived · 2:36am Jun 26th, 2020

I finally got my new Kamvas 13
and it is greaaaaaat :D :D :D it feels so good to draw in and the colors look accurate
Imma draw some more horses on this bad boi

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The Lazy Artist's guide to windows · 6:17am Jun 5th, 2020

I've found that drawing windows for buildings SUCK
they're time consuming, you have to have set ups and guides to align them perfectly,
and even if you do align them, they tend to look too clean and mechanical that it's plain...UGLY
so here is my guide to to a rougher and faster way to draw windows

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Commissions I've done so far · 11:55am Jun 2nd, 2020

Here's a collection of commissions I've finished

Splintershard - TheMajorTechie

Voices of the Father - Exhalted Aussie

[Unreleased] - Exhalted Aussie

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Commission rates update (starting June) · 4:03am May 25th, 2020

Hey everyone,
my first blog post :D

I'm really happy with the frequency of commissions im getting from this site
Thank you to everyone who commissioned me for artworks, I'm very happy to draw for your wonderful stories
it beats the graphic design work I do for businesses and clients.
Doing art for stories and characters is truly where I find the most satisfaction creatively
So I would really love to do these freelance cover artist work full time

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