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Azvameth Rose

21 years old, not much left to say. I can say that I love to write and draw. And I hope everyone enjoys the stories I have to tell.


Status update · 12:27am April 10th

Hey there!

So, this entire thing with the COVID-19, I've been working on a project to help around with that so it's been taking most of my days. I've been trying to squeeze in some time to write, but it isn't as easy I thought it would be to write after it's all done for the day. Therefore, I'm sorry for the lack of updates.

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So, I got a question. · 7:01pm February 10th

Hello, I'm not sure how this works, nor how to make an intro. So, here goes:

Dusk to Dawn

I released the second chapter of this story. However, for some reason, the site didn't make it appear on the front page as an update. I did not publish this beforehand. Any idea why this is happening?


I am so sorry · 10:03am Oct 6th, 2019

Hello there, um, ok. I haven't exactly posted or updated my stories in a while.

I swear that I've been trying my best to write, to continue every story I've created. However, recently, actually it's more like every single time. I've been sitting down in front of my screen, and the things that I write aren't exactly what I had imagined. My descriptions, the dialogs, the scenes, it's all weaker than what I had envisioned.

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???????????? · 5:48pm Jun 22nd, 2019

The world is gone,
Lore, love, and ties,
Lies written long ago died in the shore of time.

Limelight sought comfort in flight,
Empty words that led to nothing,
Fractured deeds that represent the fight,
Was it a victory?
Was it a defeat?

Time erased,
Reality reshaped,
Effect and cause nonexistent,
Requiem of Rem.

The shape of you,
Undone and free,
Unbound and unique,
Lost in the dark.

The shape of me,
Drowned in the sea,
Bound and locked,
Beheaded undead,

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So...I did a thing... · 11:49am Jun 17th, 2019

Hey, I have few grand projects that are getting somewhat decent.

These Projects include:
-A kind of crossover with The Lord of the Rings,
-A project called Brave Shine (yes, like the opening from fate stay night unlimited blade works, but that's where the similarities stop),
-A story idea that came up after reading the nice story known as "No nose knows", and its called "I do",
-One chapter story about the fall of Equestria, but not in the way you might be thinking,

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I am alive!!!! · 1:34pm Mar 10th, 2019

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. There has been some stuff going on here and I kinda had to do some running around to get things done as well as trying to figure out a way to proceed with some of the stories.

I'll be trying to get updates ready as soon as possible but it might take a while. I am really sorry about this. I'll also try to get more than one chapter sent at a time if possible.

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Tests! · 10:33pm Nov 1st, 2018

Hey! I'm back, had a little issue with some tests this week and I ended up going overdrive to study. And ended up diving head first into the entire circulatory system. YAY FOR A BROKEN BRAIN!

Anyway, I'm back in business now.

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Regarding Blank Slate · 6:55pm Oct 13th, 2018


I feel the need to say something about Blank Slate. Looking back on it now, I realize now why it has been so hard for me to write more for it.

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Up to speed. · 11:13pm Sep 6th, 2018

I need to bring you guys up to speed as to the current situation of the chapter.

I had some troubles due to me writing a extremely poor chapter, which I don't think I would have noticed on my own due to the fact I haven't slept properly since Monday (45 mins. to 1 hour per night). And I have slept from yesterday to this day a total of 30 minutes. Therefore, thank you editors!

So I decided to throw some questions while I work this out, so that I have you guys current insight on the story.

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Apology · 11:43pm Aug 14th, 2018

Sorry for the delay on the next chapter. My Med school is back and I have to keep up with that, therefore I don't have as much time as I had before. So, updates will take longer.

I am really sorry about this. I will send the chapter once it's ready, I just need time.