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Azvameth Rose

21 years old, not much left to say. I can say that I love to write and draw. And I hope everyone enjoys the stories I have to tell.


I am alive!!!! · 1:34pm March 10th

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates. There has been some stuff going on here and I kinda had to do some running around to get things done as well as trying to figure out a way to proceed with some of the stories.

I'll be trying to get updates ready as soon as possible but it might take a while. I am really sorry about this. I'll also try to get more than one chapter sent at a time if possible.

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Tests! · 10:33pm Nov 1st, 2018

Hey! I'm back, had a little issue with some tests this week and I ended up going overdrive to study. And ended up diving head first into the entire circulatory system. YAY FOR A BROKEN BRAIN!

Anyway, I'm back in business now.

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Regarding Blank Slate · 6:55pm Oct 13th, 2018


I feel the need to say something about Blank Slate. Looking back on it now, I realize now why it has been so hard for me to write more for it.

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Up to speed. · 11:13pm Sep 6th, 2018

I need to bring you guys up to speed as to the current situation of the chapter.

I had some troubles due to me writing a extremely poor chapter, which I don't think I would have noticed on my own due to the fact I haven't slept properly since Monday (45 mins. to 1 hour per night). And I have slept from yesterday to this day a total of 30 minutes. Therefore, thank you editors!

So I decided to throw some questions while I work this out, so that I have you guys current insight on the story.

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Apology · 11:43pm Aug 14th, 2018

Sorry for the delay on the next chapter. My Med school is back and I have to keep up with that, therefore I don't have as much time as I had before. So, updates will take longer.

I am really sorry about this. I will send the chapter once it's ready, I just need time.


SORRY! · 11:55am Jul 23rd, 2018

Sorry for the delay on the next chapter. I'm trying my hand in something I haven't done ever before. Which ended up turning what was supposed to be a short chapter with 2500 or 3000 words into a chapter over 5000. And I haven't even gotten into the session! What the heck!

So yeah, rest assured I'm still working on it.


Starting. · 11:59pm Jul 14th, 2018

Hello guys, my internet was real crappy today. So I had some problems, but I did manage to write a bit today.

I think I got diabetes writing today (please do not misunderstand me, this is just a joke).

On another topic, my story got to the featured screen, for three minutes. Heck yeah!

Please let me know what you're thinking about the story so far!


ALMOST! · 4:00pm Jul 12th, 2018

Okay people! I'm almost done with the next chapter!

It will be published once the editing is done! Thank you for your patience!

Be ready!


QUESTION! · 1:01am Jul 9th, 2018

To everyone who reads 'Eyes to the heart':

What are your hopes for the current situation?

Any specific paths you think the story will follow?

Do you have a specific ship you believe might happen?

I am really curious to hear your theories on how things will work out. Please let me now!


Current situation. · 2:11pm Jun 27th, 2018

Okay, to everyone that follows me. My stories are covered now, and since I'm in vacation I've been writing like crazy. But the chapters are becoming longer. So that's the reason It's taking longer to update them.

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