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Azvameth Rose

24 years old, not much left to say. I can say that I love to write and draw. And I hope everyone enjoys the stories I have to tell.

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  • 3 weeks

    You guys might notice that all my stories are marked as hiatus now. I just did this, and I'll explain it in a moment. But for now, let me say this, I'm sorry.

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  • 6 weeks
    Ok. Let's try this again.

    Hello Everyone!

    I know my uploads have been inconsistent. And I know I've been barely keeping you guys up to speed. So, I thought of dropping a little something to show what I've been trying to do these past few weeks. It's a bit of a preview of one of the things that have been bothering me. And hopefully, I will pull through to deliver something you guys will enjoy.

    Here we GO!

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    Regarding Eyes

    It's not dead. I don't think at least.

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    A new year's gift, sorta, I hope you guys enjoy it as a gift.

    Ok, I've been absent for quite a while and I know I skipped Christmas on everyone. But, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Also, after the results of Equestrian at heart, I kinda decided to try something a bit more focused.

    So, I have something coming up for you guys. I hope it turns out to be as entertaining and interesting as I wanted to make it. Here is a little peek at it:

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  • 58 weeks
    Good news!

    I am no longer sick!

    I got infected with COVID-19 and been quarantined for several weeks now! Sorry about the lack of updates on my part.

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Status update · 12:27am Apr 10th, 2020

Hey there!

So, this entire thing with the COVID-19, I've been working on a project to help around with that so it's been taking most of my days. I've been trying to squeeze in some time to write, but it isn't as easy I thought it would be to write after it's all done for the day. Therefore, I'm sorry for the lack of updates.

On another note, Thanks for the followers. I've never had this many people on social media before, neither had I ever thought that people would enjoy the things I write. Especially after the fiasco that was my book.

So, thanks, everyone. Please stay safe and follow the recommendations in your following countries. Be wary of the symptoms related to the virus and please be mindful of those around you as well. Do not hesitate to ask for help if needed. I apologize if I'm preaching or being inconvenient in some way, I never wrote notes like this on sites before.

Have a nice evening. Stay safe!!! I'll update when I can.

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