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Pony of Chaos

Hello to all the bronies and pegasisters. I'm a writer for fun and I am beginning to make Youtube videos of stories that I think deserve to be told.


Massive Rewrite · 7:30pm September 1st

Okay, here's the dealio. I hate how this story came out. And as such, I'm redoing it! But this time, I'm going to start at the real beginning. Maybe even some different cover art. Idk, but either way, see y'all later!

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Pony Names · 1:39am July 2nd

Okay, so I was just watching a video and realized I remember way too many pony names. I dare you to find a pic, (that is canon and isn't Aloe and Lotus cause they are basically twins.) and have it not be a pony I don't know.

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Audio Book · 5:07pm June 24th

Hey guys, I'm going to start doing Audio Books on Youtube and if you see your story in my (Fanfic Audio Reading) section of my library, then expect a video to be made.

I just posted the 1st chapter to one of the fics I will be doing a reading of. Here is the Link. I'll be seeing you all, later.

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