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JoJo here, and I've come to FiMFiction to get out a story that I've been itching to write ever since I discovered this wonderful website.

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A prequel to Pony May Cry: Brotherhood is Magic.
The recollections and memories of one lowly demon that give a brief look at the history and conflict that took place between Equestria and Tartarus over 1200 years ago. A story possibly foreshadowing the events to come in Pony May Cry: Brotherhood is Magic as Vergil proceeds further on towards Tartarus.

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Part 2: Demon Days

Ever since Dante and Vergil’s fateful clash at the Gates of Tartarus, demons have begun running rampant all across Equestria. Now The Elements of Harmony must join forces with the ever estranged sons of Sparda and hunt down the demonic Tartarusians if they hope to restore order to their once peaceful land and return the demon twins back to their world. All the while, a shadow from Celestia and Luna’s past looms dauntingly over the unsuspecting kingdom of Canterlot.

The demon days that lie ahead for Twilight and her friends will bring with them a bloody storm that threatens to resurface the long forgotten, if not slightly altered, history between Equestria and Tartarus.

NOTE: The events of this story take place AFTER the following in their respective order:
- Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- The Season 2 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Concept Art and Image made by DROLL3
Pony May Cry Part 2 Title Card

Proofread by Nightmare_0mega

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