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New poetry song · 2:25am Aug 18th, 2017

My name is pinkie pie
Just like AppleJack can't lie

I'm just going to sigh
Playing on the marry go round ride

It's so happy Just so happy I just can't die.
Maud just got her self a rock candy lime.

I just got some wood stack pine
breaking the forth wall just one at a time

It's been such a miracle rhyme
because fluttershy is so kind

Rarity is so sublime
Twilight Sparkle is researching some slime
and rainbow dash is taking a sonic rainboom dive.

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How am I doing with the next series of fear pitch black? · 5:22pm Aug 16th, 2017

Well I'm listening to this kind of music and hope to pull it off in the second chapter that I haven't submit yet.
How creepy is it going to be... listen to this music and hope it creeps you out. That's how creepy I'm trying to get in this fiction that I'm making at this moment.

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When is the next Fiction? · 2:58am Jul 30th, 2017

Well I have to say the next fiction is going pretty great I hope to get lots of followers from this... Maybe... I hope that I'm confident on this. Well, however it may not be the best because it's a strange fiction I hope it turns out right. The release date is Unknown at the moment, but so far I have to say that the first chapter is still trying to be done done... Hopefully next week or so.... On google docs it's about seven pages eleven font... 3,433 words so far in characters

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What have I have been doing? · 11:03pm Jun 5th, 2017

Making Music that’s right making music >>> https://soundcloud.com/minagi-shine/sets/coral-grim-album-by-me-and

Art as well it’s the art cover for the music album so it’s like already there.

So I’m making music while I wait for this person create my second cover for my fiction....

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Oh baby I wish I could be rich (edit) · 4:25am May 11th, 2017

(the repeats insert)
Oh baby I wish I could be rich. Sitting in a corner in that deep ditch. Laying on the ground, because I weigh over nine thousand pounds.

It's Heavy
It's heavy

Oh baby I wish I could be rich. Sitting in a corner in that deep ditch. Laying on the ground, because I weigh over nine thousand pounds.

It's Heavy
It's Heavy

Oh baby I wish I could be rich. Sitting in a corner in that deep ditch. Laying on the ground, because I weigh over nine thousand pounds.

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Forth poem · 12:48pm Apr 11th, 2017

New skies during the sunny day
Ponies eat all the hay

Sweep by the night
Star gaze while their bright

Ponies talk and smile all day
Tall ships are coming by the docking bay

Filly and Colts love to play
Pretty much all day

I think there is something in my mane
I met a mare from Spain

She is so young
It drop me mouth and my tongue

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Third poem · 10:21pm Apr 10th, 2017

I went to the south of the street
It's where all the pony should meet

The content is in Bolivia
I'm pretty sure there is a great musician name Octavia

As she play with her music with her good instrument
She tries to take a date with Vinyl Scratch with some better arrangement

There both have good careers
They never drink any awful beers

I hope they will sing in nightmare night spider
Sure it's true they do drink the perfect cider

These two ponies can never get bored

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Second Poem · 5:15pm Apr 10th, 2017

I went to the store and found a ten bits on the floor
I couldn't see so much stuff because my eyes were so poor

When I went through some shops
I seen so many cops

Please surrender
I bought myself a blender

When I walk out of the store
The guard said, "Please put your hooves on the floor."

They call reinforcements
To give the poor stallion the bill of replacements

When I walk to my car because it wasn't my business
The guard scream and say, "Hey... your a witness."

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First poem · 4:39pm Apr 10th, 2017

One day I wake up and see the sky is blue
Few more seconds and my face feels like sticky glue

On that vacation I went to
My stomach was getting sick like the sea crew

I went up on an air plane and fly in the sky
There were lots of birds as they flew by

The towers are so pretty
Like that animal kitty

The media flashes with their bright lights
Like all those ponies that have their pony rights.

My body is slick and thin
My OC is Coral Grim

Death is a structure of fate

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