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Jealousy · 12:50pm Mar 17th, 2016

You've got me all figured out
I'm just wasting my time, aren't I?
You've got so much I don't now
I can die right here, can't I?

Because you've taken it all before
Every single time
And I can't take this anymore
I want what is mine

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Die in a Fire · 12:32pm Oct 6th, 2015

I really hate you,
stop getting in my way.

I've lost my patience,
when are you gonna decay?

I want to throw you out,
just like my broken TV.

If you come back once more,
it shall be painfull,
you'll see!

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Now That I'm Coming Home · 12:49pm Jul 18th, 2015

I didn't wish to come home after the first couple stars
Even if they came true, and I was rid of you from my heart
How could I live with myself with the acts I had wished?
How could I keep a straight face if you let me come back after this?

Will I regret all the things that led
To the words I said
On my own
Will you forget all my darkest times

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Which song from all of MLP has the best lyrics? · 11:35pm Dec 9th, 2017

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I will always miss Us · 1:46pm Oct 9th, 2015

When we met you conquered me
I was alone
And I had built in my retreat
A wall of stone
And I never had the chance to say
Why I felt I was right at home

There was comfort in my cage
The sun shined through
You taught me how to quell my rage

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Trusting You · 1:59pm Oct 9th, 2015

They say your friends
Will always help you through
And they say they'll remember
Their promises to you
I look all around me
And all I see are fallacies
How can I just bring myself
To trust you when life is on repeat
So that's okay.
I'll be okay.

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The Town Pants · 7:06pm Mar 13th, 2018

"The Weight of Words"

By the time you read this letter
I'll be far away from here
I've left to find my fortune
Outside of the weir
The world is not this island
To dig and die for gold
And how can I stay here
With australia full of gold

Father won't forgive me
So mother don't you cry
For one day I'll return
With my head held high
For now keep that book
Its words pulled my bowstring
And when I read them
For me changed everything

Words on a page can weigh a ton

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My Year on the Site · 1:45am Feb 4th, 2016

Greetings, everyone!

Whelp, today is the day. The day of my first FIMiversary. It has been a whole year that I have been on this site, and I can scarcely believe it. It does not seem like that long ago that I hesitatingly joined. For those not familiar with the story, let me back up a bit and explain. If you have read or heard all this before, feel free to skip ahead.

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Ready For Love · 4:42pm Jul 25th, 2016

Take me away.
Back to the magical day.
When I explode everytime that you call out my name.

Shivers inside.
My heart is aching for you.
The earth is in motion. You color my heaven so blue.

My heart is pounding.
I'm losing my mind.
How can I leave all these feeling behind.

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Friendzone · 2:26pm Feb 23rd, 2016

Oh Mare, this is agony
I wish you were into me
But no, it's not meant to be
No matter how good I treat you

Oh no, you're with that bitch
She treats you like shit
But to me you say...

I friendzoned you

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P5 - W.U.I. · 2:10am Jan 18th, 2021

Writing under influence
Stuck behind the influence
Hide behind the influence
Man I need a break from it
I should get a W.U.I.
Man I just need some time
To sort it out and get it all right
I know imma get it, alright
Everything will be just fine, just fine

Writing is something that I always do
That's the way I push through
Nothing else to come to
People talkin down, all they wanna do is hurt you
That's my life
Don't think it's ever gonna be right

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New favorite song · 10:10pm Jul 29th, 2015

Get out your guns, battle's begun.
Are you a saint or a sinner?
If love's a fight then I shall die
With my heart on a trigger.

They say before you start a war,
You better know what you're fighting for.
Well, baby, you are all that I adore.
If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

I'm an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting 'til the war's won,
I don't care if heaven won't take me back.
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.

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I Will Pick You Up · 9:15am Jun 15th, 2016

When your days turn to dark like night
The spark is gone that was once alight
And you feel there's no end in sight
Just remember

When they bring you down
Drag you through the ground

I can pick you up
Yeah I will pick you up

And when they make you fall

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(Song) Winds Nocturne · 9:29pm Jul 21st, 2015

Wishing on a dream that seems far off
Hoping it will come today
Into the starlit night
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze
Waiting on a shooting star

What if that star is not to come
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most
We all need to believe there is hope

Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
I know my heart should guide me but
There's a hole within my soul
What will fill this emptiness inside of me?

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To My Dream · 9:04am Jun 15th, 2016

I taste the rainbow in the sky
I see the sounds as they pass me by
I'm falling through time as it flies

Take me to my dreams
My dreams
Show me what this lifetime means
I see inside and open my mind

Take me to my dreams

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Nostalgic · 5:51pm Jul 6th, 2016

The night was young
The music played
The atmosphere
As people move
And lasers dance
I saw you there
With just a glance

Through the dark
I met your gaze
I remember
Like yesterday

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Wave Hello · 1:06pm Mar 17th, 2016

When you lay your head
Thats when I rise

You have taken colour
From the skies

A blank canvas
For the Moon and I

Spread the stars
Illuminate by threes

The warm air is tempered
By the breeze

Clouds are traced in silver

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Alone in the Dark · 1:34pm Jul 18th, 2015

A hidden ancient spell
Like night it's setting in
From a foe inside that I'll know well
Is it I who falls to sin?

I can't have daytime
I can't have night
Please save me Twilight

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P5 - Chasing · 7:58pm Apr 20th, 2021

I have been chasing
A world where people aren't hating
Each other for small things like race and
Killing each other, it's mayhem, I
Only want things to be better
I could send thousands of letters
But yall won't learn to work together
Call me dumb but I'm forever
Always chasing
I'm always chasing

Walk with me, down the street today
World got me feelin some type of way
You know, there's a cop on trial today
If he gets off, whole city's gonna pay

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These lyrics are disturbing · 4:56am Jul 22nd, 2015

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