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I now run a FoE magazine of tumblr @rpb-monthly--fallofequestria if you'd like to check it out!

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2261476 haha, thank you
that means a lot to me

Why thank you!

Thank you, and you're welcome! I have actually been watching many authors on this site for a while now, and only up until recently had I decided to create an account. So it's just a process of continuing to explore the site and fleshing out my existence. Your work has a variety of themes and moods that appeals to me, and many stories that I enjoy. I also admire that you can write so many different stories and continue to do so on your account. As an amateur writer it's something that intrigues me.
So why not follow?:twilightsmile:

Welcome to the site, and thanks for the watch! May I ask why you chose to do so?

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