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The daring explorer, Nathan Drake, thought his days of adventure with Victor Sullivan and his wife, Elena Fischer, were coming to a close. They had found the legendary Iram of the Pillars, and pretty much saved the world from a power-hungry mad-person once more. They were forced to abandon their new plane high above the desert, and thankfully, this time, it had parachutes. If only Nate's parachute worked. He wakes to find himself in a desert. Again. Go figure. But this isn't any desert of Earth. He's trapped in a land where the sun never sets, and the remnants of ponykind struggle to survive, their final hope for their former lives to be restored seemingly lost, years ago. But Nathan provides a spark, and maybe there's still hope to be found.

[Based after the ending of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and after the end of Season 2 of MLP. References to all three games are made, but not necessary to be known for the plot line. First 'crossover' Fic, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. (Gore and mild language)]

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