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Four years. · 10:19pm Jan 9th, 2016

So today, after almost four years of absence, I pushed out an update to When Harmony Reigns. If any of you are still around from back then, you will probably have noticed that the story is largely the same. To those people I'd only like to say to read the prologue, and the middle of chapter 4. It shouldn't be difficult to find the new parts.

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Surprise! · 9:41pm May 8th, 2013

"We are not yet completely familiar with the castle yet"

"To follow in her footsteps"

Errors like those annoy me, so I just went through chapter 6 of When Harmony Reigns and picked most of them out. I'm going to give writing that thing another chance, in light of the ratings on my stories. So... yeah, here's hoping I don't disappoint. Again.

Also, happy birthday me n stuff. Legal strong booze, ftw.

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Interesting, perhaps · 11:14pm Feb 12th, 2013

I fear no god
Or any man who stands in my way, my way
I fear no devils
I'm not afraid of fantasy or consequence

I want it all, everything, everyone
The words I preach, they will obey
I want it all, they can't stop me
Let me hear them all scream

This is the setting, here I come alone
Here I come the victor bringing the new order
I know one thing that won't change
We have no faith in what we are
Too sick and tired of the shame

By my hand I break
These goddamn walls

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Fic concepts... · 1:16am Jan 6th, 2013

There's two concepts I'm pondering at the moment, both involving a very strange view on Equestria. The first, which has already been planned to some detail, is about a human (get your complaints out of the way now, please). More specifically, it's about a human who has ended up in Equestria (according to current plans, through unknown means, but there's still room for adjustment), and is trying to find his way back. Nothing uncommon, right? Right. So, what if life moved in an episodic fashion?

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What's happening · 9:52pm Dec 9th, 2012

I've been seemingly inactive for about a month now. A lot of this time was spent gaming, as one would expect. A significant part of that time, though, I was trying to quit this stuff. Writing, editing, everything. It's just not for me, really.

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Wat · 1:18am Nov 5th, 2012

He criticizes the writing a few times as he reads (which I consider to be a very, very good thing) and it's only a behind the scenes reading, but WHO CARES?!

*insert squeal*


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Update · 4:27am Nov 1st, 2012

Lyra grasped her lyre firmly between her hooves, feeling the grain of the wood as she ran her hoof down the instrument. Her soon-to-be crowd sat before her, some at tables, some on barstools. None of them were paying attention, every single one of them being too focused on their own conversations, or drinks.

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Very quick question · 2:45am Oct 22nd, 2012

Would you guys say the latest chapter of WHR is better, equal to, or worse than the preceding five? That wall I had been hitting (repeatedly) for the past few weeks seemed to vanish into thin air, and the whole thing was written in one sitting. Does it show? And if it does, is this a good thing?

That's all I want to know.

Also very glad to announce that chapter seven is already halfway done. Yay for not sleeping (and deadmau5. Who knew?)!

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*sigh* · 1:46am Oct 19th, 2012

This is what I've been working on. It's decoration for a ceiling, for in my survival world (yes, I have one of those too).

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Update · 12:52am Oct 16th, 2012

Tried to write a short scene, completely in rhyme, today. I learned a few things.

Mainly, writing in nothing but rhyme is a royal pain in the ass flank (Don't expect to see this thing go public, by the way. It won't).

I've made some progress with WHR, and after the eighth rewrite I've decided to just stick with what I have now, for fear of it becoming as static and distant as the rest of the story has been, so far.

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