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Octavia visits the site of her very first concert, which has been closed for demolition.

Cover art was made by Metadragonart, at this page.
Original drawing by Josh-5410, here.

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When an unexpected guest arrives at Canterlot Castle, the royal sisters are confused as to why the citizen chose their castle as a destination, of all places. It's soon revealed that this pony isn't at all the stranger they should she was, and things quickly spiral out control.

Where did this visitor come from, and just who is she?

Chapters (7)

A look into the mind of everypony's favourite cat: Opalescence.

My idea of what Opal would be thinking as she watches Rarity go about her business in the boutique.

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Approaching death’s door can bring out the true nature in anything, even if it’s the thing we fear the most. The Queen of the Changelings is no exception.

Cover art very generously provided by Berserkeroo on DeviantArt.

This is just a short story I wrote to share one of the ideas I had about Chrysalis' past. I might write a short sequel (or second chapter; I dislike sequels) in which the letter is found and read.

Rated Teen just to be safe, as Chrysalis is injured in the story. I know how much ratings can annoy ye who approve these stories, so I figured I'd just play it safe.

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Rainbow visits Fluttershy, intending to drop off a letter, but she's scared away by a horrifying spider Fluttershy is caring for.

The rest of the main 6 are quickly told what happened, and simply cannot let such an event go unnoticed. How will Rainbow react when they show up at her doorstep?

Read it and find out!

Cover art very generously made by FIMFiction's very own RunePlate!

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Fluttershy is in love with Big Mac, there's no denying it any longer. She knows he must feel something too, because they've gone on a few 'dates' before.
However, being Fluttershy, she's had no luck in telling him how she really feels. Meanwhile, Big Mac is falling in love with Twilight, and breaks up whatever it was he had with Fluttershy.
This leaves her devasted, and furious at Twilight for not immediately turning him down.
Will things work out between these three ponies, or has their friendship (or more than just that?) reached its end?
Massive thanks to Redeverose on DeviantArt for the cover art!

Chapters (7)
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