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Hello, I'm The Doctor, and before you ask it's just the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord, an advance race from the planet Gallifrey, located in the farthest reaches of the universe. I've saved the universe from galactic forces that have tried to take it for their own reasons, and I've made so many wonderful friends. But now, I've been alone for hundreds of years, and everyone I knew has disappeared, left me without a trace in a blink of an eye. Just when I thought I had died, I wake up to discover a new marvel. "I'm an equine... Wot?!"

Disclaimer: this is set in the beginning of season 1 of My little pony: Friendship is magic.

The cover was made by MyLittleSheepy

Mlp FIM is owned by Hasbro and Doctor Who is owned by BBC, all rights belong to them.

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