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Survival Of The Fittest · 4:14am Jun 8th, 2015

Hello, to anyone who happens to read this! I'm currently working on a new story called Survival Of The Fittest with my friend, HollyBerry. It will be posted within the week on her account. I hope you get a chance to read it!

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I'll look out for it and your welcome Kelly darling! :raritywink:

I'm glad you used my drawing of you as your avatar, Ash! :twilightsheepish:

Also I'm going pm you about the next chapter of our story.

I'm glad that I'm able to supply you with those types of stories.:twilightsmile:

1850748 Your welcome! Its really hard to find stories with a good plot and readable chapters these days. :raritywink:

Oh, hey! Thanks a bunch for the Watch! I really, really appreciate it, and I hope that I can keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

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