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Quincy was but a mute. He couldn't stand the harassment and cruelty of other ponies, so he left to live by himself. Of course, it does get boring when your alone.

Think of this as a parody of all the Slendermane stories that have been popping up.
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Spartan Red Team destroyed a Shield World out of UNSC controlled space, destroying the Forerunner fleet that was hidden inside. They leave behind a destroyed world and dieing Covenant fleet, stuck in cryo-sleep until they reach help. Unfortunately, anything but help finds them, and they are thrust into another battle, but a new pawn is thrown into the game, and Equestria is unsure which side will lead not to victory, but survival.

Follows the events of Halo Wars, some parts may seem confusing unless you've played the game. First fan-fic and experimental. Tell me what you really think, whether its a diamond of holy proportions or a piece of crap that should be shoved up a baboons ass.

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