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i found two and made a group for them, if you start it back up, it will be added too. and then recommended in the group description box. group title is: celestia x luna shipping : or something like that. anyway have a good day and everything. not much else to really say, lol.

104542 Yes, there is still hope. And I don't know any, sorry. Good luck though!

100846 Wait there is still hope? YES!!!! one of the first fics i read and i was sad it never really got started. also know of any other celestia x luna fics that are good. i just think it is a great shipping, since they are the only ponies each other can truly be together FOREVER with.

81275 I am! I'm actually rewriting the first chapter, but I need to wait until season 3! It holds crucial castle architecture information!

:fluttercry: what a shame, it was great from the first chapter im sure you could write another story equaly or greater than sisters grace

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