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Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle in Disney related scenes. Perhaps re-enacting them, or taking part in them with their own twist. All one-shots/drabbles are Disney related.

I do not own Disney or My Little Pony.
The 'Other' tag stands in for all characters other then Twilight or Sunset.

A/N: If someone could please give me a link to the original artist for the cover picture, that would be great. I tried reverse searching it but it didn't work.

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Princess Celestia is an immortal princess, so it makes sense she has had many students. But when a number of mistakes leads three of them to abandon their studies, Celestia vows to not make the same mistakes with the remaining student. But what lead them to leave anyway?

So my first story. This is a prequel of sorts to the main universe. The universe that is yet to be published. This universe shall be named... The SpoJuverse! All will become clear. Soon.


EDIT: Oh My GOD. I made it on to the third page of popular stories. That was unexpected. Most unexpected.

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