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I becames a brony this year, around November. I have a youtube page.. this is the story of why I became a brony.. WARNING! SAD STORY! .. I am also becoming known for playing Discord ( on my channel )


... And now for something completely similar...... · 12:02pm Sep 21st, 2015


( Acient Unicorn ) Azuko Vo Itikia Celestus ( Mages of Itkia's Sun ) · 8:21am Sep 21st, 2015

translated from Acient Unicornian.. a magical poem..

Celestus et vo kikokia ( Sun is of blue skies )
Bogen azuko uni freazinata ( One horned mages gather )
Kikokwen rio-zen ( blue skies cry )
Nitus vo celestus Itikia verrkin ( Night of the sun's Itikaia strength )
Erom azuko uni-harzex ( Under mages one time stand )
Zrim avell koway vo azuko yukariss ( Seal evil far away of mage sang forever )


Golden Ice Lilly -- A Poem · 8:06am Sep 21st, 2015

Golden Ice Lilly, glowing bright in the night sky
Darkened rainbows abound, hidden in the corner of our collective minds
We find a new perspective to our situations, turning around constantly
Magnesium salfate inside the empty crates , fancy are we
Tungston steel and a faceless man in the doorway inside the hallway of our minds

No more wire hangers, suspended in resistence
Bring over your next army, cause' this one is missin'

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