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I becames a brony this year, around November. I have a youtube page.. this is the story of why I became a brony.. WARNING! SAD STORY! .. I am also becoming known for playing Discord ( on my channel )

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  • 330 weeks
    ( Acient Unicorn ) Azuko Vo Itikia Celestus ( Mages of Itkia's Sun )

    translated from Acient Unicornian.. a magical poem..

    Celestus et vo kikokia ( Sun is of blue skies )
    Bogen azuko uni freazinata ( One horned mages gather )
    Kikokwen rio-zen ( blue skies cry )
    Nitus vo celestus Itikia verrkin ( Night of the sun's Itikaia strength )
    Erom azuko uni-harzex ( Under mages one time stand )

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  • 330 weeks
    Golden Ice Lilly -- A Poem

    Golden Ice Lilly, glowing bright in the night sky
    Darkened rainbows abound, hidden in the corner of our collective minds
    We find a new perspective to our situations, turning around constantly
    Magnesium salfate inside the empty crates , fancy are we
    Tungston steel and a faceless man in the doorway inside the hallway of our minds

    No more wire hangers, suspended in resistence

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... And now for something completely similar...... · 12:02pm Sep 21st, 2015

I am King Mars, this October marks my " Bronyversery " lol .. sorry, anyways I felt it was nessisary to tell my story yet again but also show what I am truly about.. because I am one of a kind , unique, not of the norm.. WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT! .. I suppose it all starts with the 13 funerals I have been to in my life ( I am now 30 yet I still feel like a rebelious 17 year old XD ) I lost many close friends & family including my big brother. Now, we shared EVERYTHING! We were about .. 80% Rarity & Sweetiebelle ( I was Sweetiebelle.. always trying to help yet.. made things worse ) well, I lost my Rarity around 5 years ago.. 2 days before his birthday.. the week of christmas.. SO I HAVE HAD SOME .. bumpy, emotional roadblocks here and there. I was labeled " retarded " in school and was treated as such.. had severe ADHD, OCD, mild tourrettes and 7 speech impediments that.. ( after so many years had to teach myself since I was considered " retarded " ) I say this NOT to gloat or trying to guilt trip my readers.. but I wanna show that there is NO problem that CANNOT be conquered. I am one of a kind stallion with a taste for chaos, experimentation and all around .. ENTERTAINMENT! .. I am starting to make a name for myself in the Brony fandom by voicing Discord and I am deeply honured! I have this light illness that showed up out of nowhere a year or 2 back.. after a recent head injury my perception of time is a bit distorted.. but even with " Hyper photosensitivity " too a almost vampiric point, FINALLY finding peace with the loss of my brother and suffering some mild brain damage.. I STILL KEEP GETTING BACK UP! The whole point I keep working is to live my dream.. to entertain! Like Pinkie! I mean everyone has a talent ya know? .. mine has always been well.. making people SMILE :) and that is just fine with me!

Keep punching me! KICK ME WHEN I AM DOWN! ... UNSUBSCRIBE! DISLIKE! .. I am still gonna be here simply because I have this burning passion in me, a fire that consumes my soul! I just have to make stuff or collab.. I AM ADDICTED TO THE THRILL OF IMPROV AND PERFORMANCE AS A WHOLE! .. anyways.. I made a promise too my brother that I would make it.. somewhere.. and I hope THIS is the place I do :) .. regardless... I don't do this for any real reason other than.. " I must create, or think about what I should create " XD IT FLOWS IN MY BODY AND WARMS MY HEART WHEN I SEE MY VIDEOS OR ART OR WHATEVER I MAKE BRING SOME SUNSHINE AND SMILE TO MY FRIENDS, FAMILY AND FANS!


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