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Hi There~! Just call me TBX. I write crossovers that involve mlp, I sometimes use the male versions of the mane six and such. Hope you all will like my stories~!!!

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" I will... Always... Love you... Naruto "

Blue eyes opened showing them to the new world he had been sent upon, his mask happiness that he always wore to deceive others was cracking, his small whimpers quickly became painful sobs

A ten tailed wolf within his mind watched with a heavy heart as his new container screamed out to the world his pain, he whispered to the broken pup, trying to sooth the once happy blonde, he said one thing to the past

"Damn you"

After being betrayed by his so called friends, he shattered and now he's broken. Juubi sent his new host to a place, changing him back to a child to have a second chance in having the life he deserved.

Celestia, Luna, the mane six were walking back to Ponyville after defeating Nightmare Moon and gaining the Elements of Harmony when they heard faint sobbing coming from a nearby cave, as they entered said cave they were shocked into seeing a small colt wrapped in a fur-like gray blanket, sobbing into his hooves.

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