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hey · 8:09pm Jul 13th, 2018

Ok. Ive got a lot of explaining to do rn. You might have noticed ive been abesnt from this site for quite some time. And theres a perfectly logical reason. Im no longer a brony. Why, you may ask? Well i assure you, theres a perfectly logical explanation. You see, in all my time on this fine website, i dident watch the show at all. All i did was jerk off to fanfiction. Thats all. Even though i called myself a brony, i was anything but. I was basicly using this site as a pastel horse version of

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I have a request · 7:23am Aug 3rd, 2016

So I was looking around at the offerings of this fine site, and I noticed that there are pretty much no second person stories where the main charcter (the reader) gets capoured and turned into a sex slave. Now I know of three fanfiction where this happens, but I want more. For the record the fanfictions as property of Luna, celestias toy and your new home, both of which I have read, and I liked them, but I want more. I personally like it when all the charcter are ponies, no anthro or humans,

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