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New Translation! Story: ‘Pictures from the Insects’ Life’ by BecauseTheNight · 11:59pm Sep 15th, 2021

Long time no see – I’ve just finished a random piece of random randomness, yet with a lot of concepts and phrasings one may find intriguing enough. (I tried my best to translate as it is, honestly!) As it is said here: a fusion of tawdry political satire, Kafkaesque horror, and a school essay on biology.

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New Translation! Story: “Solitude Duo” by Nethlarion · 3:30pm Dec 12th, 2020

Since FiMFiction doesn’t allow a user who translated a story to publish it by themselves (which is weird in my opinion, but whatever; dura lex, sed lex), I think I’m going to post blogs about all my translations when they are published by their appropriate authors. May be quite a trouble for the ones not speaking English at all, but uh. Here is another one, a fine piece of melodious mystery by my friend Nethlarion whom I've helped to

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Three Tribes: Total War — Hordes of Hel · 9:45pm Feb 1st, 2020

So here it comes. My first blog ever. And what a blog indeed! The whole story itself may take too much time, so I’ll try to be short.

Are you familiar with such a thing as a fatal fault? When you see something and suddenly feel an urge to create — the same something but better. Without said fatal fault that festers the original concept and stops you from fully enjoying it.

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