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You need to see it!


Have you heard of changelings taking Brest? Google now: "changeling brest expansion".

Fanfiction was originated by me in Russian, but thanks to Doof Ex Machina it was also translated for being published here.

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Don't you mean breast?

In Russian, it reads like a pun on the expansion into the city of Brest-Litovsk (by taking it by some enemy troops, like of changelings) and – yeah – ‘breast’.

The description made me go in thinking this would be a wildly different story, but instead I got something that feels like it fits much more with the Horror tag instead of random. It was confusing to follow at points and did feel a little random, but I'd chalk that up to the story being awkward when not being read in Russian. Overall an interesting look into a possible future for the Changedlings, I would be interested in a more in depth look into this world or a sequel picking up where this story left off.

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